High Intensity Leg Workout – Home or Gym

A1Jump Squat and hold90 secs3Jump Squat 5 times, hold at bottom for 5 seconds and repeat for 15 reps
A2Step ups with weight90 secs3Push through lead foot, keep chest proud and lift up onto step
A3Static lunges90 secs3With or without weights
A4Snap Jumps90 secs3Hands shoulder width apart – Jumping in and out
B1Goblet Squats90 secs3Keep chest proud, holding weight close to chest
B2Bench cross over90 secs3Face a bench and step up and down with one foot stable on the bench while the other crosses over each side then switch sides. Bench should be around knee height
B33 variation Bulgarian Squats10-8-5
90 secs
310 Bulgarian Squats with weight, drop weights keeping position then pulse at Bulgarian squat position for 8, then 5 Bulgarian Squat jumps
B4High knees on platformAim for 10-15 reps on each leg in 90 secs3Chest proud, knees aim to chest

Comments: Complete each exercise until 90 seconds is up. Consecutively from A1-A4 for 3 sets. Repeat for B1-B4.

One routine is added up to 6 mins. 1 min rest between one cycle. Keep hydrated.

Asian Women Object to Strength Training

This isn’t just specific to Asian women but a lot of my female clients. Many believe lifting weights will make them “buff” and seem “masculine”. I mean sure, if you’re lifting heavy, training hard and eating the right food to have the goal of muscle mass then yes, it’s possible. But it takes years of very hard work to achieve this.

There are three types of body types – Mesomorph, and Endomorph Ecomorph. Those with Mesomorph body types can gain muscle easier than those with Edomorph or Ecomorph body types. The idea is majority of Asian women are Ecomorphs with higher body fat percentage (will explain this in another post). This is why Asian women should embrace strength training in their exercise routine rather than being afraid of it as strength training is proved to elevate your metablism for longer.