Back and Shoulders – Gym

A1Close grip lat pulldown312Chest proud and depress shoulders
A2Cable Row312Focus on scapula retraction
BDumbbell pullover312Lats activation
CSeated Row machine310-10-1010 reps RHS, 10 reps LHS, 10 reps both
DShoulder Press310-12
EDumbbell Front Raise32010 reps LHS bringing DB to the centre of body, then 10 reps RHS
F1Dumbbell hanging Lateral Raise32412 on each side
F2Standing Around the world 315 (light weight 1kg-3kgs)Stand tall, grasp DB underhand at waist, lift arms laterally, bring DB together overhead

Booty Workout – Gym

A1Stationary Cycle2 min3Highest intensity
A2Wall sit1 min3
BHip Thrusts with weight10-10-10310 reps – hold for 3 secs repeat
CCrab walk with band over knees243Keep butt low squat position
D1Cable kickback12 each leg3Contract glutes at the top, hold 1-2 secs then return back
D2Abduction with band above ankles15 each leg

Comments: Exercise “Routine”= Complete one exercise then the next exercise straight after. Eg. Exercise A1, then A2, then rest 30 secs.